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Finbarr Joy
Senior Advisor

With over 20 years of experience repositioning and scaling companies through technology transformation, product innovation, talent development, and M&A,  Finbarr has traversed the route from  from engineer to board director, via startup co-founding, global consulting, and FTSE 100 executive roles. In addition to leading / scaling technology propositions, he has also been responsible for corporate Digital transformation as CTO/ CIO at global operators such as BT, William Hill, Lebara, and Superbet.

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Transform your Culture by NOT 'Changing Culture'

It is by now well understood that cultural change is a necessary enabler, or even pre-condition for Digital Transformation; If the analysts are right, anything between 70-90% of transformations fail - and the commonest culprit by far for most of these is a lack of cultural change. Depending on who you ask, changing culture is impossible (Peter Drucker) or culture change is 'free' (John Seddon). As this talk will illustrate, there are fundamental truths in each position that help us navigate a more purposeful way ahead. Presenting case studies from a range of organisational settings for proven models of change, as well as how to avoid the hidden pitfalls along the way, this session outlines a playbook for iterative cultural evolution as the 'secret power' behind organisational transformation.

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