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ConTech.Live is proud of the events we have run over the past 4 years, from starting a brand new event, to running through a pandemic to coming back from online to running successful hybrid events.

As part of our commitment to the industry we are forming a ConTech Community and part of this is to share the content from our previous events for you to experience. Conference sessions, webinars and panel discussions all available to view and make use of. This considerable resource is regularly updated.

Speakers, delegates and sponsors share ground-breaking insights into the biggest technical revolution to hit the content world since the birth of the internet – the intersection of data science and content.

The speed at which change is happening in this arena is almost beyond comprehension and this is why we developed the ConTechLive community.  

The ConTech.Live community is made up of publishers, content and information specialists, technologists, scientists, academics and researchers.

Our events strive to include the what, the why and the how do organisations meet the opportunities and challenges of continuous tech driven change. This means a format focus that allows for the high-level thought leadership but also makes room for real practical insights into delivery which closes the loop on execution and strategy as well as starting to show transformation insights, ROI etc.

These are just a few of the comments from our attendees

“Brilliant conference. Some really thought provoking and inspiring sessions.”

“The speakers were wonderful and worth every minute! Can't wait to review some of the sessions from the library. Also impressed at how quickly they get into the library!!!”

“Really worthwhile and insightful.”

“Thanks for a great session and experience. I am now catching up on the on-demand videos. Great talks and group!”

Enjoy these previous events by clicking any of the green buttons above and below.

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