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Digital Transformation? Just Say NO!

Finbarr Joy - Senior Advisor - Superbet

11th October 2022 @ 4pm BST

Most organisations are already in the throes of some form of digital transformation – often the 2nd or even 3rd in succession. Depending on which analysis you subscribe to, between 70- 90% of these fail.  


As they falter for the final time before ‘going under’, they’ll often lunge for the RECIPE, the pattern that gets them back afloat. Instead they find themselves drowning in anti-patterns. Rolling out an "agile transformation" so they can "deliver quicker”; upgrading IT systems to "transform through tech”; establishing an innovation lab to "accelerate our digital differentiation..."


This piece presents a walkthrough of the hidden frailties & faults of the ‘usual suspects’ of transformation misdemeanours, before outlining  principles and methods for the leadership of scalable organisational change and Digital renewal.

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