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The information industry was already experiencing disruptive challenges when the global pandemic hit which accelerated the pace of change. With increased customer expectations, rapidly changing technology capabilities, and business model uncertainty, it seems fair to say content markets can no longer be viewed as mature. Change within existing structures and habits is no longer enough to keep up the changing landscape. Cultural evolution is needed to manage the rapid pace of change and the high degree of uncertainty we face. Values, behaviours, and decision-making protocols must get renewed attention for us to sustain, compete, and thrive.

However, the challenges we face have also unleashed a phenomenal new culture of creativity. Long-standing notions of what is and is not possible within the industry, and within individual organisations, are being questioned and even discarded. People are beginning to realise that culture is a “first class business object” to mold and measure.  Could it be that the challenges in front of us can be rejuvenating and will inspire us to move past some perceived and often artificial barriers? Do the same data, technology, political, cultural, and economic forces necessitating reinvention on a vast scale ultimately create new opportunities for us to shift and succeed?



Expectations and anticipations for this year's ConTech 2022 event - the Chairs in conversation.

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