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The ConTech Scholarly API series is created through  collaboration between industry thought leaders with a desire to progress innovation and technology in scholarly publishing. ConTech sits in the heart of these issues and shares the passion for innovation. We proudly present the Scholarly API series.   

It is the aim of the series to discuss explore and learn about services that extract, combine, compare, and certify critical information, like ORCID, ROR, GRID, and DOI PIDS, to badges like Prescreen, Methods, and Data Reporting badges from Research Square Company. Or things like DimensionssciteSciScoreRipetaAJE - American Journal Experts language assessment, Open Science, DataSeerAI, and MDAR badges. Capsules like Code OceanProject Jupyter and R Markdown, or F1000 Research and eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd. 'publish, then review’ open review reports. CRediT taxonomy, RAiD, or Rescognito’s recognition ledger as additional signs of inside-out constructs. And so on....objects that attach to and are maybe becoming increasingly critical for functioning research article ecosystems.

The series kicked off with Scholarly APIs: Current and future value in June and will go on to include a hackathon / explorathon, training sessions to learn about APIs, inspirational cases, panel discussions and hopefully a hybrid conference. This series is for everyone in the scholarly space, like researchers, UX, developers, biz dev, strategy, funders, librarians, research offices, product, ops, production, etc. Really, anyone invested in scholarly outcomes should feel welcome and not be intimidated by the technological aspects. This will be a safe space to learn and get excited about what can be done with APIs.

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