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Reimagining Publishing : Content Production Simplified

Wednesday 13th October 2021 

ConTech.Live partnered with Amnet to stage an exciting RoundTable discussion.  The one hour session will be chaired by Clive Snell, MD of ConTech.Live and facilitated by Gayathri Doraiswami, SVP- Technology & Digital Transformation at Amnet. 

Publishers are striving to push beyond the current barriers of legacy processes to produce instant pages reducing cycle time. This coupled with the rapid expansion of digital media has driven publishers to reduce costs and streamline their operations where possible. Traditional workflows, processes and systems are quite limiting in this context as they lack immediacy. The outputs are static, rigid and lack interactivity.


More and more publishers are looking at moving away from legacy processes and are focussing on digital transformation. While publishers have primarily focussed on efficiencies by cutting the cycle time through workflow optimizations, standardizations, very little innovation and focus has taken place in content orchestration, content production and dissemination.

Our panelists shared their thoughts on this subject and discussed these issues in greater detail.  Watch how this went and stay till the end to see what questions the delegates asked!

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