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Vicky Williams
Emerald Group

Vicky is CEO of the Emerald Group, which comprises Emerald Publishing and Emerald Works. She has held a variety of senior roles during her 20+ years in the publishing sector, across editorial, business development, product development, marketing, digital and HR. Immediately prior to her current role, she was CEO of Emerald Publishing, and led a number of digital transformation programmes and company acquisitions.


As part of both giving back and learning from our communities, Vicky is an International Advisory Board member for the University of Bradford, and an Advisory Board member for the University of Lincoln’s Impact Literacy Institute. She also works within the local community on Bradford’s Economic Recovery Board and is a Trustee of the Keith Howard Foundation. 


Both in and out of work, Vicky is a keen advocate for gender diversity, having launched Emerald’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme in 2016, and speaks widely on this topic at global forums and events.

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Natalie Jacobs
Chief Product Officer

Natalie Jacobs, Chief Product Officer, is responsible for delivering a compelling product and service experience for Emerald’s customers which also delivers commercial growth for Emerald. Whilst our products need to drive customer usage and engagement, revenue growth and increased market penetration, the central focus for Product at Emerald always comes back to understanding and delighting our customers – whether they are those sourcing and purchasing content, those consuming it, or those creating it. The team strive to bring the voice of the customer in our activities and decision making to guide us to the right outcomes – supporting our customers, our real impact agenda and our commitment to publishing mission led social science research, aligned to the UN SDGs.

Natalie manages both commercial and digital product management, along with digital engagement and digital delivery, ensuring that our activities are always creating the balance of meeting customer needs and delivering a return on our investment.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Implementing Organisational Change

Emerald is nearly two years into a journey of organisational change, and an evolution to a cross functional, matrixed working model from a more traditional approach. We don't proclaim to be experts, but to help others embarking on this journey, it's important to reflect on the positives as well as the challenges and difficulties that are inevitable with any major change. Even as a small to medium sized business, with a reasonable level of adaptability, we have plenty to share on just how difficult cultural change is, how it needs grit and determination, and how you need to be in it for the long-term.

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