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Simon Linacre
Head of Content, Brand & Press
Digital Science

Simon is Head of Content, Brand and Press at Digital Science. Previously, Simon was Director of International Marketing & Development at Cabells having spent 15 years in publishing at Emerald, where he had direct experience in journal acquisitions, open access and business development. Simon is also a Trustee of COPE. His background is in journalism and he has been published in academic journals on the topics of bibliometrics and knowledge transfer. Simon holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and International Business and has global experience lecturing to researchers on publishing strategies.

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Technology and Trust: Fighting for Integrity in a Digital World

Building on recent publications - the State of Trust & Integrity in Research Report (Jul 2022), State of Open Data report (Oct 2022), The Predator Effect (Autumn 2022) - the talk will focus on some of the main integrity issues facing the information industry and how technology is being used to meet these challenges. Focus will be on research ethics, publishing integrity, plagiarism, software developments (both enabling and solving integrity problems) and predatory publishing. The speaker will reflect on 20 years in scholarly communications dealing with ethical issues, and argue technological solutions are most effective if they dovetail with education programmes.

Delegates will have the following three takeaways:

- Learn how data sharing is closely linked to trust in scholarly communications

- Understand the latest developments in subverting integrity procedures and tracking those breaches

- See what role technology plays in maintaining and improving publication ethics

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