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Mark Milstein

Mark Milstein is co-founder and Rainmaker at, a technology company pioneering algorithms and solutions to generate synthetic licensed stock media and beyond.


Milstein is also the founder of Microstocksolutions LLC, the leading provider of content curation, metadata, editing,  and asset management services for the visual media industry, the Fortune 500 and beyond.


Milstein also founded Northfoto, an editorial and stock agency that serves print and online clients in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.


At the turn of the century, Milstein founded Red Dot, former Soviet Europe's first web-based photo agency. Red Dot was sold in 2011 to a regional rival, and is a part of CTK, the Czech state news agency.

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Synthetic Media

The era of synthography is upon us; and with it, as I will discuss, the golden age of licensed stock media. Long the stuff of over the horizon promises, text-to-image synthesis has finally arrived, and is rapidly leaving the labs and entering into the content streams of licensing platforms, corporate libraries and advertising agencies. Mark Milstein, co-founder and rainmaker at vAIsual, a pioneer in AI generated media, will take us through the today's computer vision landscape - giving clarity of the confusing web or information regarding the generation and licensing of AI generated photography.

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