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Sami Benchekroun

Co-Founder and CEO


How early-stage research data can predict the future of science

Our first exposure to clinical data is typically at academic conferences, where scientists share their in-progress work to refine, improve, and share their work. But that initial data set is often inaccessible to broader audiences or institutions without a presence at these events.


As we saw with the global sharing of COVID clinical data, broader and more open sharing of early-stage research can rapidly accelerate breakthroughs and clinical applications. Understanding the latest insights, long before a journal article or preprint, can also signal the direction a field is heading, and forecast trends that will shape the future of science.


This session will explore how we can harness those earliest findings, as well as how metadata on trends and themes of those findings can advance the pace for strategic decisions for stakeholders from publishers, pharmaceutical institutions, and funding bodies.

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