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The unfolding evolution of the content business

What does real digital transformation look like for a content business?

Where digital evolution is concerned, lots of traditional publishers have been stuck for the last 5-10 years, nervous about doing more than dipping their toes in the new digital waters and continuing to survive on traditional revenue streams, but seeing them slowly flatline or decrease. But you can’t hide forever. In today’s smartphone era, it's no longer just the quality of your content that matters.

Speed and ease of access and a new, user-led focus are now just as important. What are your users interested in? What outcomes are they looking to achieve? How do they want to consume the information you have?

True digital transformation of the content business is required to meet these challenges as well as a change of mindset, but where do you start and what does the journey look like?

New technologies are transforming the creation, publication and consumption of content. ConTech is the ideal place to learn about this change and hear the strategies being created around machine
learning, AI and Data Science whether by large or small companies, from both content, technology and information experts.

ConTech.Live looks at:

  • Impacts on users

  • Impacts on businesses

  • The story of the challenges and the successes

  • The big picture context for why evolution is needed

  • Where we are now and why change is happening

  • The future

  • Re-evaluating the businesses publishers are in

  • Focusing on the user

  • How technology innovation is changing the competitive environment

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