We’re going hybrid! What does that mean? More ways to reconnect... person! Yes that’s right we will be in person! If that isn’t possible for you, don’t worry we will also be virtual…

Hybrid is not new but it is new to ConTech and we are excited with the opportunities this creates and the networking across the globe it still allows.

Last week, on a call with a CTO from a leading global publisher, I found out that not only had he booked his delegate place already, but he had done so because he could be there in person. He registered to attend immediately on the basis that this is one of the first chances there has been to “reconnect” properly with the community.

2020 was an extremely challenging year for all because of the pandemic. Events were cancelled, people hunkered down at home, spaces closed their doors. From concerts to conferences, sports to trade shows, our communal experiences vanished.

In January I wrote here about how the pandemic had driven ConTech through an accelerated digital transformation, enabling the online delivery of events from webinars to a forum and of course the main ConTech event itself. The business went from literally looking over the precipice to a renewal that went beyond our wildest expectations... And now “in person and online” WE ARE BACK WITH HYBRID!

The ConTech.Live team will be in London to greet you and we are really looking forward to staging a physical attendance event. But there are all sorts of reasons why making the move to hybrid is accelerating our transformation and offering fabulous new opportunities to our community.

ConTech 2021 will be at the Marriott Regents Park – London this year. Most of our speakers will be onsite and others who are unable to make the journey will be online, just like our audience. People are realising just how powerful a hybrid event can be.

ConTech 2021 will be a spectacular in-person event, but our community really understands the power of virtual experiences to reach a larger, broader audience than would ever be possible or feasible if it were limited to an in-person event only. By delivering in person and online ConTech 2021 will be able to deliver more engagement for all attendees, a far wider reach of audience and a really powerful event experience which will last much longer than a traditional conference.

All sessions will be recorded and will be available to view very soon after they have been delivered, which is far stronger than is offered by an in-person only event.

Hybrid means we will be able to reach speakers and attendees who wouldn’t be able to join due to travel restrictions, a tight schedule or Covid 19 anxiety. This extra pool of attendees strengthens the whole event experience for all and enhances the international mix.

All attendees can choose how to attend and as society continues to open up, the attraction of in-person will grow.

Whether you join online or in-person you will be able to connect with all attendees using our online platform, which will then be the place to access the sessions post event.

Finally, ConTech 2021 is offering maximum flexibility on how to attend and a full Covid guarantee in the event of circumstances changing.

ReConnect at ConTech 2021

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