ConTech Pharma 2022 exploring Digital Transformation enabled by FAIR data implementation

The Goals

So previously we covered what is FAIR data, and what purpose does this concept and its implementation fulfil?

What of the conference and its aims.

We are looking to understand examples of how projects have successfully delivered on this; what challenges have been identified and perhaps overcome; and how can collaborative initiatives address and overcome challenges in a systematic manner.

Examples of successful projects can describe, in essence, how a research hypothesis was able to be tested, based on data that came from multiple sources and was able to be gathered by virtue of the FAIR data principles (and data archived on that basis).

Challenges are often not obvious. In many cases the challenges are not technical ones, but often social ones related to building up trust and persuading people to devote their valuable time in ways that align with building systems and using data based on these protocols.

The wider challenges are finding ways to set up initiatives to facilitate FAIR data principles at scale. To ensure that new data is created fresh with these principles in mind, rather than having to be translated retrospectively.

Why go to the trouble of all of this?

Firstly, we have spoken of the research productivity crisis.

However, a more powerful and motivating illustration is when we look all around us both in our daily lives and in reading the news media where we see societal challenges that fundamental research may help to overcome.

When you hear and see an ambulance speeding past you, and think of the need for vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 (and many other diseases); when you sit out on a swelteringly hot autumn day and worry about the impacts of climate change; or when you unpack your shopping and look in despair at the amount of unrecyclable packaging that has been used.

All these challenges need scientific solutions, unless you are optimistic that politicians (who are only human) can overcome these problems for us!

Now more than ever we need effective research. Effective research needs good data, it needs FAIR data. This is the task at hand, and it is a worthy endeavour.

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