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Calling librarians and information managers!


How closely have you been following the world of content design and technology?

For most of the last decade, enterprising digital designers have been developing potential new ways of creating and delivering content.

As professional intermediaries we are growing nervous in the ability of journals and linear text bases to cope with the research data that will change the world.

ConTech.Live is the channel where the alternatives are highlighted as they are being invented and refined.

As in any new science, though, the pace of practical change is dependant not on the ideas of inventors and designers alone. If users are waiting for the freedom that new delivery mechanisms will give them, who will engage with the supply world to help potential become usable reality?

The two worlds need to be able to reach out to each other. And here is where you can make a start, in understanding the developers’ world of the possible, and helping it understand the world of the usable.

Librarians who have attended ConTech events know the excitement is palpable as the next generation of content technology is explored. Come and bend your minds around the imaginative models of the developers and contribute to the gestation of viable new delivery mechanisms.

In the next few months, the pace will be accelerating.

Bookmark this page and don’t miss the opportunities to attend discussions through

the rest of 2022!

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