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Kathy Christian

Kathy is the Altmetric CEO and Digital Science Chief People Officer. She has been with Altmetric since 2014 but originally joined as the COO, working closely with Altmetric Founder and CEO Euan Adie. In 2017, Euan decided to step down from the role of CEO and promoted Kathy in his place. Prior to Digital Science and Altmetric, Kathy worked at Elsevier for 6 years and before that, she spent over 9 years in drug development, primarily with J&J. Kathy has an MBA from London Business School (but don't hold that against her).

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So you've decided you need an 'entrepreneurial culture', now what?

Almost every organisation claims to want an 'entrepreneurial' and 'innovative' culture - but what do we really mean by 'entrepreneurial' and, more importantly, what do we need to do to achieve it? In this session we will explore the benefits of an 'entrepreneurial' culture and discuss how we can enable such a culture to take root. We will also touch upon some common misconceptions and missteps when encouraging staff to have an entrepreneurial mindset. 


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