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The Future of Data. FAIR & its implementation. David Worlock and Professor Barend Mons Conversation.

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ConTech rocks! It is a great networking event! And I look forward to the next in-person event - Sabine Louët - Founder - SciencePOD 

Attending ConTech itself was a great experience, but even better: it created networking and partnership opportunities for our company, Adaptemy. Thanks to the ConTech team for the event and congratulations on your continued success. Daniel Mccrea - Head of Partner Services - Adaptemy



The information industry faces stark choices in order to stay relevant in markets that are being disrupted by rapid technological and business model changes. In an industry that was already grappling with these the global pandemic has accelerated the pace of this change. We are experiencing major cultural shifts in organisational behaviours, decision-making, protocols etc. and as such information and content markets should no longer be viewed as mature. Data, technology, political, cultural and economic forces are necessitating reinvention on a vast scale and the nature of this means that for some there are huge opportunities for many and yet, counter to that, some may not survive…    


ConTech.Live is a series of events serving a community of publishing, content, information, technologists, scientists, academics and researchers. This community is working at the intersection of content and technology.


ConTech is a two day event staged in London in November each year since 2018. In person in 18 and 19, 100% online in 20, a hybrid version for in 21 and another planned for November 2022.


ConTech Forum Series is a series of more informal “update” events with a mixture of returning speakers and introducing specific new main event speakers and session tasters.


ConTech Pharma is a 2 day event focusing on how scientific content is being transformed through the application of data science, AI and other emerging technologies with a deep emphasis on the implications for the Pharma and Digital Healthcare Industries. 


“How do organisations deal with this and get things done” – ConTech.Live includes the what, the why and the how in all events. This means a format focus that allows for the high-level thought leadership but also makes room for real practical insights into delivery which closes the loop on execution and strategy as well as starting to show transformation insights, ROI etc.


You’ll find more information about each individual event by clicking on the titles or logos above.

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