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Emerging Tech

From large content systems to small boutique publishing operations, data science and other emerging technologies has the potential to transform and let us re-evaluate our understanding of our business, but also the way content is created and managed, making it more relevant and agile. At ConTech 2022 speakers, panellists and delegates will discuss the potential impact of these new technologies on the world of content.


Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and lots of other new tech is disrupting the way that content markets have operated for years and ConTech helps work out if these things are threats or opportunities. 

ConTech also engages with the content ecosystem of businesses that serve the market. These include software and platform providers as well as emerging AI and other tech specialists active in the market. 

ConTech will discuss the potential of AI, Data science and other new Technologies for example:

How to use data science to drive new business

How to build compelling, user focused data-driven content products

Discover how AI and machine learning can create leaner, faster publishers

Discover how data science techniques can enrich published and legacy content

Hear how to deliver value by liberating the hidden data within content

Understand how to build user trust, ethical values and inclusivity in your content in the age of AI  


A unique opportunity – There is no other conference that provides the depth of information and discussion specific to the transformation of Content through Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and other emerging technologies. 

Get Inspired – Our speakers and attendees are highly skilled and experienced professionals, inspirational on their passion to make a difference.

The latest technologies – The theory and the potential of these new technologies are exciting. At ConTech 2022 you will hear from some of the best in the business talking about how they are actually making these things work. 

New tools, techniques, tips and tricks - Learn the very latest methodologies from the pioneers. See what works, what doesn’t work, what might work tomorrow and why it doesn’t today are all there to share.

Networking – Interact with, share and learn with like-minded highly engaged professionals who share a passion for these issues.

Enhance your knowledge – Discover solutions to your problems, get answers to your questions and find new questions you hadn’t even thought of.

Be present – The ConTech community is actively looking to meet people like you. Engaged, curious and ambitious. By learning, sharing and networking together successfully navigating technology-based changes becomes a way of life.

Multi industry perspectives - Digital disruption is impacting all types of organisations. Our speakers offer insights from the broadest spectrum.

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