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Dave Curtis
Head of Client Delivery
67 Bricks

Dave has been working with publishing technology for over ten years, having moved to 67 Bricks from Cambridge University Press where he was previously a Platform Solutions Manager and then the Head of Solutions for ELT Technology. In his role with 67 Bricks he is responsible for the ultimate success of all client engagements, leading a team of Publishing Consultants to ensure the right outcomes for their partners.

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Therese Palent
Manager Change and Culture
De Gruyter

Therese has worked in publishing as an Executive Assistant for over 15 years. For the last 6 years, she has been at the interface between management and employees at De Gruyter. Being a professional troubleshooter and an amateur psychologist with contacts in all departments and well-informed about the internal processes in the company, she took over the coordination and facilitation of the cultural change of the company in the context of Digital Transformation in May of this year.

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Creating a culture of innovation - phase two of De Gruyter’s Digital Transformation

In 2021 De Gruyter delivered a huge milestone in their digital transformation journey - a brand new, custom-built and completely independently owned platform for their books and journals. The launch was wildly successful, delivering excellent results in both usage increases, stability and revenue, and was even awarded the Open Athens Best UX in Publishing award. You’d think then that the journey was complete, and that they could sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. But De Gruyter know that’s not how digital transformation works - it’s an ongoing process that has to take in people across the business in order to succeed. Such huge change management can be overwhelming, so how have they approached this next, more people-focused phase of their transformation? You’ll hear actionable advice from Dave Curtis at 67 Bricks, who has been working side-by-side with the De Gruyter team to deliver their goals, as well as key takeaways from Therese Palent, Manager for Culture and Change at  De Gruyter. 

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