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The information industry faces stark choices in order to stay relevant in markets that are being disrupted by rapid technological and business model changes. In an industry that was already grappling with these the global pandemic has accelerated the pace of this change. We are experiencing major cultural shifts in organisational behaviours, decision-making, protocols etc. and as such information and content markets should no longer be viewed as mature. Data, technology, political, cultural and economic forces are necessitating reinvention on a vast scale and the nature of this means that for some there are such huge opportunities for many and yet, counter to that, some may not survive…    


Addressing this through three main themes, “putting the content consumer at the centre of the information industry”, “reinventing the value proposition, business models and revenue streams” and the “technology delivering the change”, ConTech 2021 delivered an exceptional conference with thought leadership, practical tools, case studies and stories of successful transformation.


“How do organisations deal with this and get things done” – ConTech 2021 included the what, the why and the how in all sessions. This meant a format focus that allowed for the high-level thinking but also made room for real practical insights into delivery which closes the loop on execution and strategy as well as starting to show transformation insights, ROI etc.


This year ConTech 2021 went hybrid! In person in London and online. The ConTech community experienced a blended event for the very first time. Face to face and digital delivery was completely integrated and presented major new opportunities to learn network and share in ways never done before.


Watch back below and get caught up ahead of ConTech 2022 coming this autumn...