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Andrea Splendiani
Principal (Ontologies and Metadata) IQVIA

A pragmatic view on ontologies (or two)

Ontologies are a key resource to connect data and make it interoperable (effectively putting the “I” in FAIR): how can they be applied in practice at scale? 


IQVIA is a global healthcare data company, leader in Real World Data, that consumes (processes, integrates and analyse) over 100 billion healthcare records from more than 1M data feeds per year. We illustrate in this talk what ontology capabilities underpin such massive data processes.


Taking then the perspective of the data producer (pharma), we then present a few pragmatic observations on the role and impact of ontologies across the pharma value chain.


By showcasing these two views “across the mirror”, we intend to start a discussion on gaps and possibilities of the next steps toward pragmatic adoption of FAIR data.

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